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In 1999 Seattle saw the creation of the French-European Artistic and Cultural Center. The mission of the FEACC, founded by Fathia Atallah, was to bring people together for performance arts, conversation in other languages and cultural exchange. And, most importantly, the Center was the birthplace of the French Cabaret. It was here that in December of 1999, the Cabaret performed for the first time. Ever since, they continued in various constellations, with changing programs and musicians. The troupe comprises of excellent pianists, a wonderful accordeonist, a great percussionist, an enchanting magician, tango dancers, belly dancers, guitarists, and more. A constant in their Cabaret was the MC, Pierre wan Meenen, the pianist Julan and the two performers Zazou and Valentino.

During their time with the French Cabaret, Valentino and Zazou became inseparable. When the FEACC closed its doors, they decided to carry on the Cabaret tradition as Red Chaussée.

Red Chaussée is French, English and German music ranging from the 20s to the 90s. Their performance is captivating and heartwarming, their repertoire includes chansons, beautiful ballads, and, of course, cabaret music. You may be even asked to sing along. And don't worry, knowing French is not a necessity. Zazou, the tragic chanteuse, Valentino, the charmeur, and Fingers Malloy, the beautiful pianist, will make you forget your everyday life and you will leave the show with a smile on your face, maybe even humming a tune or two.


Past Performances

December 2001

First Cabaret at the FEACC, Seattle

Spring 2000

Fringe Festival, Seattle (Newspaper clipping)

June 2000

Performances at the HUGO House, Seattle

April 2001

Benefit performance at the Dish, a breakfast and lunch place in Fremont (Poster)

September 2001

Performances at the Figaro Bistro in Queen Anne (Poster)

Throughout 2003

Performances at the FEACC

Spring and Summer 2003

Last performances at the FEACC, Seattle (Handout)

July 2004

Performance at the Bastille Day Celebration, Seattle Center (Poster)

Spring 2005

Various performances at private venues



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