Valentino learned to play the guitar at an early age. This was followed by a short career as a sopranist in the school choir where he performed, amongst others, in Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar. At one time he (and the choir) was on stage with Joy Fleming, who used to be a famous singer, and his passion for her music moved him forward with every beat until he was standing right next to the diva. This resulted in his first ever mentioning in the press.

After years of teaching guitar to high school girls, he decided that he needed to earn a decent living and became a scientist. There he invented a potion that would make women go crazy over him. Finding the antidote proved extremely difficult and he saw no other solution than to run from them. He fled to Seattle where, in 1999, he joined the French Cabaret at the French-European Artistic and Cultural Center (FEACC). He performed various roles, including that of Liza Minelli. Mostly however, he enjoys performing with and around Zazou.