Zazou was born in Nantes, France, a sister city of Seattle, to a wealthy musical castle-dwelling family. Her grandfather was a prize-winning violinist and her father a tenor in the Metropolitan Opera in Paris. At the age of ten she had her first gig, singing on a table at a local café. It was there that she was discovered two years later by the then famous singer Marcel Amont who wanted to spirit her away to stardom in Paris. Her papa, fearful of the debauched life style this would entail, forbade her to go. Her musical career was put on hold for decades thereafter as marriage to an American GI and raising a family took over her life.
Following her divorce, she moved to L.A. where she sang in restaurants with a former pianist for Édith Piaf. Then, upon moving back to Seattle, she performed in a jazz club on Aurora avenue and more recently was part of the Cabaret troupe at the Frech European Artistic and Cultural Center of Seattle. She has performed at the HUGO house, the Alliance Française, at private soirées, the Figaro Bistro, and the Bastille Day French Festival in 2004.